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We hope you are all keeping yourselves safe in this extraordinary time.

As you know there have been some confusing decisions being made by the government over sports therapy treatments, they initially thought of the industry as massage parlours which to those who use our services know that is not the case. 

The Irish, Scottish and Welsh Assemblies now recognise the industry as a Professional Vocational Medical Service, so now is the time to get the English Government to also have the same view.


This is being done by the associations that make up the General Council of Massage Therapists in which the STO and CNHC are members of, each of the associations are working hard behind the scenes as they have done for the whole of the pandemic to get us therapists trained in reducing pain and dysfunction back working again to help our NHS.

There has been a big movement of therapists asking their MPs to help with this matter and please feel free to message your MP as well and explain how our treatments help you.


So as of the 13th July this can happen but the way we are going to have to perform treatments is changing, this is by pre-appointment screening and the wearing of PPE to help to keep both our clients and staff safe.

As a way of getting prepared for fully opening again we are offering evening appointments from the Wednesday 15th July 2020 then as of the 20th July we will be adding more appointment times to the booking system.

There are a few changes, the first of which is our new website, so a big thank you to OriginalBee Web Design for the hard work involved.

Secondly, when booking an appointment there will be a COVID-19 screening questionnaire to fill in, which must be completed prior to arrival at your appointment.

Also, there will be temperature checks will be taken just to make sure that none of us have a fever prior to treatment.

Lastly, I want to thank you all for your patience. I know some of you have been in contact asking for advice over this difficult period and I am sure we will get through to the other side sometime in the future as the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Rob @ RJM Therapy

#KeepSafe, #ThankyouNHS